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Considered perfect to be served with ragù or pesto sauce, gnocchi - dumplings - are one of the musts of the Italian gastronomic tradition. Each region has made its own version of gnocchi thanks to their possibility of being prepared in different ways and with different food. Eating gnocchi is the perfect chance to taste an excellent first course.

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Pasta ripiena

Pasta ripiena, a true hymn to flavors

Our stuffed pasta is realized with fillings that belong to the classic Mediterranean flavors of Italian gastronomy. A few minutes in boiling water and the dish is ready to be savored.

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Tigelle, gnocchi and piadine (wraps), ready to be baked and stuffed as you prefer.
If you love cooking, you can give free rein to your imagination with our sourdough, available with wholemeal flour too.

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Enjoy the seasons

We follow the seasons’ passion

We have embraced the philosophy of preparing our stuffed pasta only with seasonal products to keep following the ancient tradition: the available food in nature is the primary ingredient. This decision was made to guarantee a high-quality product belonging to our territory, as we want to avoid offering a hybrid surrogate from the other side of the planet. You are just going to enjoy the results.

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Pasta fresca

When you talk about “pasta fresca” – fresh pasta – memories about ancient and remote flavors at grandma’s house come back to your mind; here, our fresh pasta wants to make you remember those beautiful moments at grandmother’s kitchen in front of a nice plate of steaming pasta.

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Gluten Free

The pleasure of eating and listening to your body

If so far you had to give up certain dishes because of your gluten intolerance, today it is possible to enjoy Gluten Free foods. In the Gluten Free flour, the presence of the harmful component from celiac disease has been removed, which brings the gastronomic world open to all. Nothing is anymore precluded.

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Pasta di semola

Its amber color expresses a gritty taste in the dish. Thanks to its properties it does not overcook: it is excellent in the kitchen by ensuring cooking resistance.
From a nutritional point of view, pasta with semolina flour contains more protein and gluten; because of its properties it is much easier to be preserved.

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